And they want our votes?

Shambolic. Politicians who can't do their sums don't deserve our votes.


Childcare costs: You tell me?

What a bloody shambles.

They want our votes. They aspire to be our leaders. And they can’t even do a bit of homework.

If it wasn’t so important it would be laughable.

Politicians. And this lot in front of us in 2017 are the least inspiring, least trustworthy bunch I can remember in my lifetime.

Er, social care…

Theresa May, the Cruella de Ville of the dementia tax. May’s mantra of ‘Strong and Stable’ collapsed into  ‘Weak and Wobbly’ when she crumbled on the Andrew Neil show.

IRA? Let’s talk about my old afro shall we?

Don’t get me started on Diane Abbott. She’s the gaffe that keeps giving.

First it was the cost of 10,000 more bobbies on the beat. By the time she’d taken her shoes and socks off and counted all her fingers and toes, I think we veered from £300,000 – £30 per officer, to £80m.

Hey, what’s a few noughts between friends? She only aspires to be Home Secretary. God help us.

Then on Andrew Marr, she tried to brush off her former opinions of the IRA by crassly comparing them to her old 1980s hairstyle. I ask you.

Then last (and he probably will be come June 9th) but not least. Jezza. The protest leader who lost Momentum when he was live on BBC Radio Four’s Woman’s Hour, to talk about Labour’s childcare plans, and did his very best impression of a feeble old codger struggling to find his hanky as he ‘ummed and ahhhed’ desperately trying to recall how much it would all cost.

And he wants to be PM?


In every media training session I run, I hammer home the importance of preparation. This lot have an army of advisers and PR types doing it all for them. And still they cock it up.

Basics. Along with remembering your key messages – and yes, they do include the small matter of how much a proposed policy would cost.

These are the people we have to trust to run the country. I wouldn’t trust any of them to run a bath.