Be authentic and cut the BS

Don't go bandying industry BS around in front of this big hitter.
Bauer Media brands

Bauer Media brands

When the boss tells you to cut the BS you tend to do it.

When the boss of one of the UK’s biggest media brands reveals that she hates all the industry BS that gets thrown around, well, that tends to stick in the memory.

Andy and Abby Carvosso

Andy and Abby Carvosso

Bauer Media reaches 25 million consumers across the UK across five different platforms – some of it’s best known brands include Grazia, Empire and Absolute Radio.


Abby Corvosso, is the group managing director. Secretly she hankered after being a TV weather presenter – at least she should know her St Ives from her St Albans as she did a geography degree – but failing to become a contemporary of Carol Kirkwood doesn’t seem to have held her back.

“I hate all the bullshit words that get thrown around in our industry.” she told me when we chatted during Advertising Week Europe.

“Authentic that’s what we need to be. It’s about offering premium content using craft and skill. It’s so important. ”


Don’t imagine for one moment┬áthat it’s all recipes, fluffy fashion and 80s rock. Bauer’s brands have clout.

It was a campaign in Grazia magazine that persuaded the Cameron-led coalition government to introduce mandatory pay audits forcing bigger companies to reveal the salaries of their male and female employees, to challenge the gender pay gap.

Thousands of readers signed the magazine’s Mind The Pay Gap petition.

Proving Abby’s point:

“If you don’t connect with your audience you can’t create great content.”