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Last orders. Don’t condemn. Understand.

Alcoholism is an illness. Yet many are quick to condemn and dismiss those who suffer and ignore the stress it causes their loved ones. Here’s Andy’s very personal take in the week of Charles Kennedy’s funeral.

Dear George. Get them to join the dots.

Northern Powerhouse or glorified talking shop? In an open letter to the Chancellor, Andy argues that attitudes must change if we are going to see any progress.

Fifty Shades of hypocrisy?

Fifty shades of hypocrisy or a costume too far? This World Book Day costume drama has darker undertones.

Give Peace A Chance.

Andy is sickened by the comparison between the greatest band of all time and the butchers in Syria and Iraq.

Don’t try the hard sell on TV.

Never use the hard sell on TV and radio but use your appearance to plug your experience to a wider audience.