Death of a clown

RIP Sir Ken Dodd. A true one-off.

Just hours before we’d watched BBC1’s affectionate tribute to Brucie.

We woke to hear that another irreplaceable British entertainer had gone.

Both Sir Bruce and Sir Ken Dodd, became famous in the fifties. Through graft, supreme talent and the gift of being able to hold any audience in the palm of their hands, they managed to span the decades effortlessly.

Their’s really was a generation game, entertaining every member of the same family, from the grannies to the grandkids.

I was lucky enough to interview ‘Doddy’ for BBC1’s Inside Out when we filmed a tribute to BBC Radio Merseyside’s Billy Butler.

The crew and I waited at the Bolton Octagon, knowing we hadn’t got much time with the great man.

At first I didn’t recognise him.

He shuffled in, wearing a long coat and a scarf and was carrying two plastic bags full of props – no star treatment there.

But of course as soon as the cameras were rolling his eyes lit up and he broke into that infamous toothy grin, and the master of the one-liner was in top form.

We managed to grab this blurry picture together and as a favour he even recited one of my best friend’s all-time favourite Doddy jokes.

Looking straight down the lens we got:

“By Jove missus! What a beautiful day. What a beautiful day for sticking a cucumber through a letterbox and shouting ‘Help the martians have landed!'”

What a class act. Thank you Sir Ken. Crown Prince of comedy.

PS: On Friday, hosting an event in Nottingham, I met another comedy favourite, Paul Chuckle from the brilliant Chuckle Brothers. True to form he was a smashing bloke only too happy to pose with this poser!