It is good to talk.

Don't feel alone. Help is at hand. Make that first move.

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The media loves a good buzz word. Or two.

In an age where we have the attention span of a..sorry, where was I? Just had to check my phone.

Oh, yes, I was talking about attention spans, or the lack of them.

Because we don’t seem able to concentrate, and life is all pressure, pressure, pressure, less seems to be more. Everything is 140 characters or less, if you can’t Snapchat it, or Instagram it, it ain’t worth knowing about.


Wellbeing falls dangerously close to that buzzword precipice.

Everyone bandies the expression around without really thinking about what it means and how important wellbeing is. Yours, mine, everybody’s.

Thankfully organisations like NABS (The National Advertising Benevolent Society) offers help, real bonafide help, to anyone in the advertising and media world that needs it.

First steps

I saw at first hand the great work that Diana Tickell, the CEO, and her team are doing in London.

Diana told me: “Sometimes you just need help, someone to talk things through with. NABS is here to help people through it and help them find their own solutions.” Her top three tips to taking those first steps to help are here.

The message is simple. You can get help. You can talk. People do care. NABS cares.

You can contact NABS here. It could be that all-important first step to putting things right.