Know your worth

Don't under sell yourself and know your value. It's a salutary lesson Andy has had to learn.


It’s a word that can tie freelancers and the self-employed up in knots.  It can make people very uncomfortable.

But it is essential.

Go too low and you look cheap, too high and you can price yourself out.

But I’ve learnt a salutary lesson.

It’s all about value.

The value you bring to any given client or project.

What you offer helps to solve another person’s problem, helps to answer their question.

It’s about your credibility – your worth.

You bring expertise, you offer a solution, you build trust.

I admit it is something that I have wrestled with. Mainly because I am selling myself. I am the company, the product.

Plus, I offer several services. I media train, I host events, I do media insight workshops, I make podcasts and I do voiceovers.

So it isn’t a one-size fits all, “here’s a widget, that’s the price”, kind of arrangement.

My selling point is me. My expertise. My knowledge.

My nearly thirty years as a journalist, BBC broadcaster and now media consultant.

That’s 17 as a BBC presenter, including live presentation from London 2012 and fronting the award-winning BBC1 current affairs programme Inside Out.

When you are working for someone else it’s very easy to lose sight of your value and what you have to offer. When you branch out alone, it’s something you have to figure out pretty quickly.

Know your market, do your research, but NEVER under estimate what you have to offer.

Two tips for anyone who finds this key area of business difficult.

  1. Don’t do stuff for free. Maybe once when you are starting out, possibly to get yourself in front of potential clients. But after that – never again.
  2. “Mates Rates”: Again, possibly as a one-off, but make it abundantly clear that next time around you’ll be charging full whack.

Know your worth.