Listening is bliss

Actors talking to other actors could, and maybe should, be beyond parody, and potentially something to run a mile from. But a podcast fronted by Line of Duty's biggest slime-ball has Andy hooked.

I hated him. He made my skin creep.

Slimy, underhand, unctuous.

But I was supposed to – he was that good in British TV’s best drama.

Craig Parkinson as “Dot” Cottan, slimed his way into Line of Duty’s anti-corruption unit AC-12.

Call me fickle, but now I love him. I’m hooked.

Craig fronts the Two Shot Podcast (@twoshotpod) in-depth, fascinating chats with his friends colleagues (and his wife, actor, Susan Lynch) it’s the ultimate antidote to ‘luvvie-dom’.

Someone should bottle the positivity that radiates from Neil Morrissey, who refused to allow a chaotic childhood – where he was separated from his brothers and was put in care from the age of ten to 18  – to dim his enthusiasm or drive.

Nurtured by a mentor as a teenager at his drama group in Staffordshire, his streetwise nature and instinct for survival carried him through drama school and straight into a successful acting career.

It works because, like any good presenter, Craig knows when to probe, and when to simply sit back and listen along with the rest of us.

With five million people in the UK regularly listening to podcasts, more people are (excuse the pun) cottoning on to just how compelling a medium they really are.

They free the imagination, whilst simultaneously engaging the brain, and they allow you to do whatever the hell you like, go for a run, walk the dog, get the bus to work.

I’ve got some catching up to do. I’m on episode 3, Susan Lynch, at home in the couple’s Gloucestershire living room.

Got to go. I’ve got a lawn to cut and a podcast to listen to.