Andy’s skills and experience are invaluable in teaching farmers and growers how to communicate and he’s great to work with.
They gave the media training six out of six – with six being excellent.
National Farmers’ Union

Maybe you dread the thought of standing in front of the TV cameras?

Or you want your team to become confident spokespeople on behalf of your business.

You might hanker after being that go-to expert that the media always seems to call.

You’ve come to the right place.

CEOS needing to be prepped before making a major announcement, teams wanting to nail their key messages, agencies who have a client who needs to become media savvy. Crisis communications help to ensure if the brown stuff hits the fan – you’re all ready.

I can help you all.

Everything is tailor-made to fit your needs – we’ll work on each scenario with you beforehand.

In half or full day sessions, you’ll be recorded and filmed doing media interviews – you can choose your own combination from print, radio and TV – that are then watched back and assessed.

You’ll get instant feedback and great tips on all the vital stuff including what journalists are like, how to prepare, making an impression in 20 seconds and handling those difficult questions.

By the end of it you will feel confident and prepared to face any media interview or opportunity.

I offer:

One-to-One coaching: Chief execs, CFOs, entrepreneurs. Let’s get you away from the pressures of the office and work on that story, sort your key messages and make sure you look sound and feel 100% confident before any media exposure.

These sessions combine my journalistic rigour with my expertise on presentation training so you perform to your absolute best.

Teams: Your team of six people will be put through their paces with radio and TV interviews. This is combined with expert insight into how journalists work, what the media wants, and how to handle difficult questions.

Agencies: There’s that important client who needs media exposure but you are worried that they aren’t up to it. Or you have a big press/product launch and you need everybody  briefed, ready and prepared. Don’t worry we will nail it together with practically-based sessions, filmed media interviews and all the preparation you need.

Storytelling: You need to get your story right and in front of the right people. Having worked at MediaCityUK I know the programme makers and what they want from expert guests and in terms of content. I run workshops called Have You Got News For Me? where we will work on what you and your teams have to offer in terms of stories and as experts in your field for the broadcasters. We’ll work on matching your expertise with the right programmes to help you get maximum media exposure.

Crisis Communications: Planning for the worst. You will be put through a crisis scenario as it evolves. This day is aimed at placing you in a realistic fast-moving situation, so you can develop the skills and confidence to deal with a major incident.