Mind the gap

Male, pale, stale and vastly overpaid? Let's fight for equality but not fall into the Daily Mail BBC bashing trap.

Matt: Daily Telegraph

As ever Matt in the Telegraph is spot on.

I suspect Messrs, Vine, Humphreys and the other BBC news alpha males cringed just a little bit when they saw it this morning.

But then they quickly logged on to check their bank accounts and suddenly the world felt a whole lot better.

I’ve nothing against talent getting well paid. After all, they are the talent.

BBC rates of pay are far lower than their commercial competitors, and many of those whose salaries where revealed to the public yesterday could, and may still, earn more elsewhere.

Yet, I despair, when I think of my two amazing nieces growing up in a world that still devalues women so much.

I remember my late Mum fuming about this way back in the 1970s.

And as Jane Garvey reminded us yesterday, BBC Woman’s Hour has been discussing the gender pay gap since 1946 – the year it first appeared on air.

Yet, one Gary Lineker to four Claire Baldings later, here we still are in 2017.

As Eddie Mair (£350,000 p.a) put it to BBC director of radio and education, James Purnell: ‘Why do on-air people get paid more if they have a penis?”

That’s the James Purnell, who was originally parachuted into the BBC by his old mucker DG Tony Hall without so much as an interview, never mind a female competitor.

I do have a three-point solution to all this for my place of work for 17 years.

Alas, I fear it will fall on deaf ears.

  1. Equal pay has to mean equal pay. Period. Even if the blokes have to take a pay cut.
  2. Get rid of the still burgeoning number of senior BBC managers – according to the National Audit Office report in April, 98 people were on £150K or more, up from 89 in 2012.
  3. Cut out the blancmange-like section of the BBC trifle occupied by the pen-pushing pinheads who frequent BBC middle-management, and guess what? You could free up an awful lot of money for programme making.

Mind you, when you take a look at this it does put everything into sharp perspective.


We do get all this for around 40p a day.

I’d say it represents pretty good value for money, wouldn’t you?