Pampered Premier League prima donnas should learn from these class acts.

Two of the hardest men in sport show humility and class that shames many of their sporting peers.
Great sportsmen

Great sportsmen Picture; Andrew Coulridge, Reuters


There’s so much not to like about modern sport and some of its protagonists.

Ego and money rule everything. Particularly hard cash.

Just when you think you can’t stomach another story about a drugs cheat or a cheating footballer, two sportsmen put old-fashioned, sportsmanship first and restored some hope.


The man mountain that is Anthony Joshua, showed maturity and dignity to equal his gargantuan frame after knocking out Wladimir Klitscho to add the WBF heavyweight crown to his IBF title.

“I’m not perfect, but I’m trying.” he told the 90,000 fans after the epic fight at Wembley Stadium

“If you don’t take part, you are going to fail.

“As boxing states, you leave your ego at the door and respect your opponent, so a massive shout out to Wladimir Klitscho.”


When he did his media work the following day – it was the same story. The man who could well become a sporting billionaire, kept those big feet planted firmly on the ground.

At 41, and a veteran of 29 world title fights, Klitscho too, showed such admirable humility.

He said: “I think Joshua and I both did great. I think we did a lot for the sport in the way we performed and how we respected and treated each other. It was a great night for boxing and the fans.”


They should show these interviews to every school child in the UK.

Dignity, respect and not being afraid to fail. Brilliant life lessons.

Oh, and while they are at it, every Premier League footballer, should be told to put down their Luis Vuitton washing bag, pop the keys to the baby Bentley on the table, and sit down and watch how two real champions deal with things.