Paper knickers and the love of pastry

Apprehension gave way to laughter during Andy's encounter with Grace Dent.
Food glorious food

Food glorious food

Confession time.

Remember Sir Alex’s great expression ‘squeaky bum time?’

That’s how I felt before this interview.

My guest could take you down with one sweep of her pen, never mind that glacial stare.

Not to mention the fact that she’d blocked me on Twitter.

I think because I’d once had the temerity to put my two-penneth’s worth into a conversation she was having with Lauren Laverne. Silly me.

Despite all that, Grace Dent writes in a way most of us can only dream about. Scathing, funny, true.

I am also a huge fan of her The Untold series on BBC Radio Four. The stories – all real life and recorded in realtime – stop you in your tracks.

Grace and Andy.

Grace and Andy.

Actually, all my preconceptions were misplaced. she was funny, entertaining and great value.

And she loves a good pie.  “Love comes and goes but pastry never lets you down.”

Wise words, Grace.

She was at Advertising Week Europe to plug London Food Month, in June which she and Tom Parker Bowles are curating. It already has me salivating. So listen in, tickle your ribs, and your taste buds.