Insider Media’s editors need to be on top of their game in front of an audience and that’s why we turned to Andy Johnson Media for presentation training.
Andy provided us with plenty of easy to follow advice delivered professionally and with passion.
Miri Thomas, editorial director, Insider Media

Your legs turn to jelly, your mouth gets dry.

You are dreading it.

Getting up and presenting in front of an audience is your worst nightmare.

Don’t worry, that’s where I come in.

With thousands of hours of live broadcasting experience – including presenting live from the London Olympics and fronting a BBC1 current affairs programme – I will ensure that you nail it!

We’ll use my three I’s to help you learn:

  • How to make an immediate Impact
  • Leave a positive Impression
  • Develop your Influence

In half day and full day workshops for individuals or in groups of six people, we will work on everything from content to structure, delivery and performance.

This includes coaching on how to make an immediate impact, engaging and interacting with your audience, eye contact, body language and how to pace your performance.

We will film and play back your work as we go through the session so you get instant feedback and can see how much progress you are making.

These sessions are invaluable for any kind of presentation, whether it is a speech, pitch, webinar, hosting an event  or doing a media interview – you will come out feeling prepared and confident to tackle all of them.