Rich pickings in pen and ink.

What a time to be alive! Andy discovers that there are rich pickings to be had for the nation's political cartoonists.
Trump by Dave Brown

Trump by Dave Brown

Talk about filling your boots.

Maybe that should be filling your ink pen.

The political world is in turmoil. We have a reality TV star in the White House and the UK is pulling up its drawbridge to keep those nasty Europeans at bay.


Manna from heaven for the likes of Dave Brown.

He’s been the cartoonist for The Independent since 1996. The pickings have never been richer.

Quick on the draw: Dave Brown and Andy.

Quick on the draw: Dave Brown and Andy.

As Dave told me at Advertising Week Europe, satire is very much alive and kicking.

“Trump has a face like a sour satsuma and something resembling a dead ferret on his head. The people you most like to draw are the people you most dislike because you can put all that bile into your drawing.”

Although his paper is now online only, Dave admitted he is still very much a creature of habit.


“I’m probably the most old school analogue part of the paper. I still draw with a dip pen and Indian ink and paint in watercolour. It’s very much a manual process still. I don’t draw digitally, I find that a  bit soulless to be honest.” he said.

Trump, Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn provide so much material that he’s never at a loss as to what he can draw – just the opposite.


“If Trump is dominating the news agenda to some extent I’ve got to follow that, that’s what’s on people’s minds. But always after a few days something else will happen. We’re never short of events.”

Even though Dave and his ilk depict their subjects in a grotesque way, it doesn’t stop them being popular – even with their targets.

“It’s almost like a badge of honour to the politicians. A couple of years ago I sold a couple of cartoons to George Osborne’s mother. That was obviously the proud Mum, her son was now famous enough to be caricaturable!”