Simple idea. Big Bucks. He’s going places.

We are very similar. Honest. Except he's younger, better looking and has a surefire business smash on his hands.
Young, good-looking, great business idea. What's not to like?

Young, good-looking, great business idea. What’s not to like?

Sometimes you just have to rise above it all. Or slope away and weep.

There are some similarities. Well, one. We’ve both worked in broadcasting. Him in Australia me at the Beeb.

Other than that, Jules Lund is younger than me, better-looking and has come up with a great business idea that’s flying worldwide. I hate him.

Somehow I kept my dignity and didn’t allow my seething jealousy to poke it’s ugly green head above the parapet when we met in London.


The Aussie entrepreneur came up with Tribe. It’s an App connecting brands with micro-influencers (that’s ordinary people to you and I) who have 3,000 + followers on social media. The brands create the campaign around a particular product and the influencers create the posts around it.

Sony, Reebok, Moet and Selfridges are already on board.

Aussies have an alarmingly refreshing, some might say, brutal, way of telling it as it is.

At one point during our chat, Jules grabbed my glasses, put them on and said that I could post pictures of myself wearing said glasses and get in contact with the brand. In this instance, Police.


I made some self-deprecating quip about needing to photoshop the results and Jules said there were ways to, and I quote, “filter the crap out of your face.” Charming.

I carried on, professional to the core, masking my pain, as you can see here. I just hope when he’s bought the island next to Richard Branson’s he remembers his Pommie broadcasting pal.