The heat is on…so get your teams prepped and ready now!

Keep slapping on the suncream - but get planning. Sort out your media messages now and be ready - you never know when you might need to be.

Horrible isn’t it?

Feeling like you are frozen in the headlights, bracing yourself for the impact.

Don’t worry I’m not going to get all Freudian on you and try and analyse your nightmares – I’ll leave that to the “ologists”.

What I can do is get you prepped and ready.

Media opportunities or requests won’t come when you are expecting them. Life, and certainly 24 hour news just doesn’t work like that.

You need to be ready. To be ready – and confident to do a cracking job – you need to be prepared.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a press launch, getting your CEO grilled for a difficult or key announcement or ensuring that your team are all confident to face the microphones and cameras.

Now is the time to do it. Before the phone goes – or in a worse case scenario crisis comms training if this happens.

I’ll bring my knowledge and expertise based on 17 years as a BBC presenter and reporter.

We can utilise my crack team:  a former BBC shoot/edit with all the TV lighting & broadcast kit, a print journalist to do telephone interviews and internal business communications expert to help you plan your corporate response.

We’ll chat about exactly what you need and tailor the sessions accordingly.

I already work like this with clients like the National Trust and NFU.

Ken Smith from the National Trust said:

“Andy is someone who goes that extra bit further to get under the skin of what your training needs are.

“He gets to know the organisation and people he is training for and delivers his vast media experience and knowledge in a way that stimulates understanding and creativity. 

“He is a pleasure to work with.”


Give me a call, let’s sort it and get you all ready and prepared.

For goodness sake don’t just curl into a ball and hope for the best.