timeTo – a cause worth sharing

Andy hears about a key campaign to stop sexual harassment at work and draw up a code of conduct for the advertising industry.


It’s wrong, it’s illegal and it has to stop.

Sexual harassment.

Enough is enough, and I’m very glad to say that NABS – the National Advertising Benevolent Society, along with the Advertising Association and WACL – Women in Advertising and Communication London, have joined forces to do their bit with a new campaign called timeTo.

If it is something you have suffered, seen, or know about then you have until April 12th to go to the NABS website and complete a survey for them as they try to establish a code of behaviour for the industry.

Everything is done in the strictest confidence.

Lorraine Jennings, director of services and talent at NABS, dropped by to tell me about the campaign when we met at Advertising Week Europe.

Take a look – it’s too important not to get involved.