What’s that I can smell?

It's okay to be honest. And it smells better.

Social media reeks of it. Go on, take a good hard sniff.

Yep, whiffs a bit doesn’t it?

I’ll hold my hands up. I’ve been guilty of it too.

Declaring every cup of coffee I’ve had with someone as a “Great meeting today with such-and such..

or “Fantastic meeting so-and-so…”

We all do it.

But does anyone actually believe it? Really?


Being human does not mean that every day is “fantastic” and “great” – and that’s ok. Because we are all human with our vulnerabilities, worries and emotions.

I’m not suggesting that we all have to pour out hearts out and “emote” 24/7, because that just wouldn’t be terribly British, would it? Stiff upper lip and all that.

Personally I’d far rather someone was honest and told it like it is, good bad or indifferent.

It would be a refreshing change, and it would sure smell better.

As always John Lennon says it better. Take it away Johnny!