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Manpool? Liverchester?..dream on.

ManPool? There’s more chance of Patrice Evra and Luis Suarez joining hands to sing Ebony and Ivory, argues Andy.

Generation Y: The shape of the workforce to come.

Manchester is leading the way in offering talented young people a foothold on the career ladder. But Andy asks are others doing enough to recognises the changing face of our workforce?

#PR Gaffes: 10 ways to avoid them.

A Priceless PR gaffe that could have been avoided at the Brit Awards. Here’s Andy’s top 10 ways to avoid hacking off the hacks

Knickers were up – now they’re down

Great news that the factory making TV’s Kinky Knickers is to re-open but Andy asks shouldn’t we pull our socks up and help ourselves?

“Fizzin’ ‘Eck.” RIP A true gentleman.

The country has lost a true sporting great. Andy recalls some of the wonderful stories told about Sir Tom Finney in a film he made dedicated to the legendary player