Doing what you love

My gardening business

Andy with former Man Utd star Lee Sharpe.

The funny thing is, it’s not that difficult.

I “ummed” and “ahhed” about it for ages. If they gave out Olympic medals for prevarication, I’d be up there with Sir Steve and Sir Bradley in terms of medal hauls.

“Arise Sir Andy, knighted for his services to putting things off in the vain hope that they will get better.”

They don’t.

In February, I actually decided to give it a go. What was there to lose? Answer, nothing, nowt, zilch.

That’s how Dig Your Scene, my gardening business (apparently I have a portfolio career now, dontcha know?!) came to be.
Gardening has been my therapy ever since I became engrossed in the late great Geoff Hamilton’s brilliant BBC series on Cottage Gardens way back in the mid 1990s.
Scented roses, lavender, plants spilling out onto paths, fruit and veg grown amongst it all.

A garden teeming with bees, birds, frogs and creepy crawlies.

My idea of heaven. Working with the seasons and the soil, listening to the birdsong, watching your own seeds and plants grow (and then invariably be munched by some bastard slug or snail!)

It was cold, it was gloomy and so was I. Work was sporadic, my mood matched the weather.

That’s when I got to designing a simple flyer and put the word out.

I bought a petrol mower, had flyers printed and took them around to local post offices and shops a friend (the marvellous Collette Walsh – thanks Col!) designed me a simple Wix website and off I went.

Since then, I have never looked back.

Don’t get me wrong Andy Johnson Media is very much alive and kicking. It’s just that now it lives alongside my mowing, planting, digging and sowing work.

Only last week, with my ‘meejah’ head on, I was interviewing sporting heroes Jamie Peacock and Lee Sharpe, having already mown two lawns and clipped three hedges. I went on to have a blast hosting the CHS Awards in Leeds too.
I’m happier, healthier, aside from the expected aches and pains of manual work, and life is great.
What made the difference? Why now?
Three main reasons.

I am now same age that my late mother was when she died. When I realised that it really shook me and I wanted to kick on with my life.
In the last few months I have seen two former colleagues, both superb people, die tragically young thanks to the evil scourge that is cancer, and finally, I was unhappy. Really unhappy.
And rather than do my usual Olympian bit (yep, that ol’ prevarication), I decided to get my bloody finger out and do something.
It’s the best thing I ever did.
So please, don’t just sit there. Do it.
Don’t wait, don’t put it off, don’t make excuses, don’t say maybe, perhaps next week. 
Just get on and bloody do it!