Grow, Nurture & Thrive

Andy wants your help with his new YouTube programme, Grow, Nurture & Thrive.

I need your help.

Many of you will know that I started my own gardening business, Dig Your Scene, last February.

I run it alongside Andy Johnson Media for the simple reason that I love gardening, it is where I am happiest and it nourishes me both mentally and physically.

I know that I am far from alone in feeling like that.

That being the case, I am looking to start filming a new series for YouTube, called Grow, Nurture & Thrive, and I am looking for contributors from the north west of England.

We are after your stories.

Maybe you know someone who has tackled mental health issues through gardening and being outdoors, or of educational groups and courses that help?

I’d also like to talk to people who make a living growing, selling and making food or drink from their land, small holding, orchard or allotment.

Do you know of any health groups, GP surgeries and the like, who are tackling mental health problems by getting patients out into the fresh air and gardening?

It could also be people making natural remedies, crafts people who ‘make & do’ based on gardens, nature and wildlife, or artists and musicians inspired by the same.

My good friend and former BBC director and cameraman Ian Sandall, will be working with me on this.

Gardening, working outdoors, benefitting nature, enjoying the seasons and the produce they bring, replenishes me in a way that nothing else does.

There are so many others of you out there like me.

We want to tap into that with this series, if you can help or can suggest someone who can, please drop me an email at or give me a call on 07889 094949.