Minds really do matter.

Wellbeing and mental health need to be at the core of every business - Andy hosted two panels at a day organised to put wellbeing, health and positivity back on everyone's daily agenda.

                                    (Pictures: Carl Sukonik @thevainphotos)


You think you are alone.

You’re not.

That was one of many positives I took away from a superb day at  Thrive, a day of seminars and workshops aimed at putting health, wellbeing and positivity right back onto people’s daily agendas.


The day gave people time to get some space, recalibrate their minds and bodies and hopefully share some of the great advice tips and thoughts shared during the day.

There were many highlights. Learning how Rachel Cullen, author of “Running For My Life” who is bipolar, managed to ditch Blue Nun and Prozac and eventually found her release through running; hearing Claire Sanderson, editor of Women’s Health, reveal how she was hospitalised twice after suicide attempts but now manages her life with exercise and uses her experiences to manage others suffering with mental health problems.

(Dr Fairwuz Awenat, Rachel Cullen, Claire Sanderson and Lorraine Jennings, panellists interviewed by Andy at Thrive 2018)

We learnt of the incredibly powerful work being done by CALM – the Campaign Against Living Miserably – leading a movement against male suicide, the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK, outlined by director Andrew Booth.

There was light and fun, and a mass rock, paper, scissors session, provided by the inimitable Danny Bent, a brilliant speaker and motivator, who I interviewed last year 

All punctuated by mindfulness and relaxation sessions led by the peerless Karuna  (below) who travels the world running workshops, retreats, and mentoring for the mind, body and spirit.



Although there are still the “dinosaurs” at the top of some organisations, who just don’t recognise or understand the importance of mental health, it was really heartening to see and hear some of the great things being done by many of our more enlightened companies and individuals, to put people’s wellbeing front and centre of how they operate.

Just getting away from the nonsense and stress of everyday life and taking time to learn, share and relax together was uplifting and thought-provoking in equal measure.

Huge thanks to Cindy and the team at the MPA – Manchester Publicity Association –  for organising it.