Money can’t buy you class Elon

Elon Musk's disgraceful comments on Twitter just show that money can't buy you class.


The Beatles once sang “Money can’t buy you love.”

Maybe today the US billionaire Elon Musk might ponder re-wording that line and replacing the word love with “class”

Bandying about a vile and baseless accusation like “paedo” on social media – in this case Twitter – is never big, clever or funny.

Least of all when you are libelling the British cave diver Vernon Unsworth, seen below, who helped to rescue the 12 stranded Thai boys.

Mr Unsworth remember is the man whose knowledge of that cave system was integral to the boys being rescued safely. He may well now sue. Why wouldn’t you?

Not that money is an issue for the CEO of Tesla. Hopefully it will hit him where it hurts, his reputation and that of his business interests.

It seems that Musk is throwing his very expensive toys, in this case a child-sized submarine – out of his Tesla pram because Mr Unsworth, and others including Narongsak Osatanakorn, who headed up the joint command centre for the rescue, said the submarine that Musk delivered to the cave complex, was not practical for the complex operation.

Since the backlash, Musk became strangely silent and the offending Tweets were deleted.

Damage done.

Which is why whenever I do media coaching with anyone from a seasoned CEO to a media newbie – I remind them NEVER to post or react to anything on social media in anger, spite or after a couple of drinks, that could lead to legal problems – no matter how provoked they may feel at the time.

If in doubt, don’t. Walk away, sleep on it, and even then don’t become one of these dreaded keyboard warriors.

It just isn’t worth it and could cause you and your reputation untold damage.

The same is true if you fail to prepare for the media and a whole heap of the smelly stuff comes down on you. There are some great examples in my video here.

Keep schtum, prepare for the worse and if you need expert help when it comes to the media, give me a call.

Elon, my number is 07889 094949.