Mourinho’s misery is polluting an entire team – and its fans.

We all know how important morale is in a team and a working environment. Andy argues that Mourinho's attitude and that of Man Utd's media management is polluting the club and its fans.

It must be so hard to smile when you are on fifteen million quid a year.

They do say money doesn’t buy happiness, but I reckon most of us would manage something approaching a grin if we were trousering what Jose’ Mourinho is at Man Utd.

As opposed to the pained expression of someone suffering from recurring trapped wind that seems to adorn the mug of the self-annointed ‘special one’ these days.

Sure there are deeper problems at a club that now gathers world sponsorship deals (tractors, crisps, wine, etc) in the same way that it used to hoover up trophies.

But his attitude – at least in public, and that of the club’s media management, has been lamentably poor.

It doesn’t matter whether your work environment is the office or the training ground, we all know if one person is radiating, doom and gloom, anger or just downright negativity it pollutes the entire atmosphere.

None of us can give our best if we feel that someone else is constantly pulling everyone else down, or that you have to tip-toe past as if walking on eggshells to avoid confrontation.

From pre-season onwards he has radiated dissatisfaction, from the lack of his World Cup stars to not getting the players he wanted in before transfer deadline day, it’s been one long laborious whinge.

When you are in charge of one of the most famous football teams in the world there are also those other ever-so slightly important people to consider too – the supporters. You know? The ones who buy all the replica shirts, and the tickets and are the lifeblood of any club.

Or at least they should be. Let’s be honest, to the Glazers and it seems Ed Woodward, the vice-chairman, it’s all about the ‘brand’.

He treats members of my profession, the press, with total distain. Turning up deliberately early to press conferences and leaving early – refusing to discuss the team’s star player Paul Pogba – who is the story – World Cup winning star wants away because of the apparent breakdown in their relationship – that I’m afraid is a bloody big story.

Think how well Gareth Southgate and England handled the media this summer and even how arch rivals Liverpool do it, and there are definite lessons to be learned.

I fear the same arrogance that Mourinho exudes, is also riven throughout the club’s media relations – which have been poor for many years.

Of course he has form. His final season at Chelsea was an unmitigated disaster. He has fallen out with many clubs he has managed.

I can’t see it ending happily. A team needs to be exactly that. Not everyone has to get on together but the very least they need to do is to pull together for the sake of the greater good.

I give it until Christmas.