Weird world…new start.

Andy announces the closing of one door and the development of another.

Gardening is my future.

This is where I am happiest.

It’s time to do what makes me happy, full-time.

For me, it’s gardening. Mentally, physically, and yes, spiritually too.

That being the case, I am closing the door on Andy Johnson Media, and opening a whole load of possibilities as I develop my gardening business, Dig Your Scene.

After 17 years with the BBC, I left in 2012 with no plans. I have never regretted leaving, voluntary redundancy enabled me to take some time, reboot and start afresh.

Over the last eight years I have met and worked with some fantastic people. I have loved using my expertise to help others when it comes to presenting in front of an audience or getting prepared for media exposure.

The host with the most

My happiest times have come when I was in front of an audience myself, hosting events – all those live broadcasts did come in handy!

We are living through the most challenging and unsettling times. I furloughed my media business, as all of my work had been in rooms with people not via a computer screen.

One man and his waders

In the meantime, I have been out in all weathers working for my gardening clients. Clearing ponds, developing borders, planting bulbs, and realising, this is where I want to be.

If I can help any of you, your relatives or friends with their gardens please give me a call on 07889 094949. You can contact me here on Facebook and I am @DigScene on Twitter.

A huge thank you to everyone in the amazing Manchester business creative community for your help and support, and to all my clients.

It has been a blast.

Right, where did I leave that spade?